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Salsa-dance in ENGLISH

Regular Classes

  • Our Classes are aimed mainly at czech speaking Paticipants, but it is not a Problem for english Speaker to join us. It is very easy to follow even if you dont speak czech and we usually have a couple of foreigners following the class no problem.
    • Dont worry, we will translate for you - we speak english.
  • You dont need a Partner, we always try to balance the Group so there is a dance Partner for everybody

regular classes cancelled due to COVID

  • check our website, as soon as it is possible to do public classes we will let you know

Price per Class (8 lessons per 60 minutes)

  • 1900 CZK for an Individual 
  • 3400 CZK for a Couple


  • We also organize Weekend Workshops.
  • Price is usually 400 CZK per Workshop (120 minutes) for one Person

Planned Workshops are listed here

Private Lesson in English with Salsa-Dance Teacher 

  • Single Lesson 60 min / 1000 CZK for Individual or a Couple
  • Lesson Pack: 5 Lessons 60 min / 4000 CZK, 10 Lessons 60 min / 8000 CZK 
Contact us HERE and in your message please state if you are a leader/follower/couple

You will find us here (Venues)


What to take with you for our class/private lesson

  • Shoes to change (we dont go on the dance floor in shoes from the outside) with flat smooth soles (girls can of course have dancing shoes with heels)
  • comfortable Clothes that allow you to move freely
  • Something to drink 
  • and a big Smile :)



  • You Can text us on messenger via FACEBOOK